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    D-Link DSL-2750B N300 Wireless ADSL 10/100 Router with USB (OBSOLETE)

RRP: Unavailable.
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Built-in Modem   Wireless N300
ADSL2/2+ Capability (for modems only)   Removable Antenna
10/100 WAN Port/s - 0      
Gigabit WAN Port/s - 0      
3G/4G Capable      
USB LAN Port/s  
10/100 LAN Port/s - 4   UPnP Support
Gigabit LAN Port/s - 0   Internet Sharing

USB Print Server   QoS
Parallel Port Print Server   IPv6
Dialup/ISDN Failover   DynDNS Client
USB Storage   Warranty - 1
FXO Ports for VoIP - 0      
FXS Ports for VoIP - 0      
NAT Security  
  • Manufacturer's specifications

    SPI Firewall  
  • Manufacturer support
    Content Filtering (Parental control)  
  • Whirlpool Wiki
  • Whirlpool Forum Search
    IPSec VPN Endpoints - 0      
    PPtP VPN Endpoints - 0      
    Supports VPN passthrough (multi session)      

    Comments: Similar to the DSL-2740BR but with a USB port to attach a USB printer or Hard Drive (requires D-Link's Shareport software)

    User Ratings

    User Rating Comments
    David Keegel
    8/10/2013 5:00:01 PM
    This is a good little unit (great value for money, as long as you donít need things like gigabit or voip).

    The DSL-2750B does seem to have capability to use a 3G (or 3.5G) modem via USB, at least in the GUI. I havenít yet got an Optus pre-paid 3G modem working with it, but that might just be a reception issue.

    I bought this as a temporary replacement for a Billion which was damaged in a lightning storm. It is doing the job admirably, except for the lack of voip (for which Iíll probably get a billion 7800vdpx, and keep the D-Link DSL-2750B as a hot spare in case the new billion dies in future.


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