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    Billion 7800VDPX N600 Dual Band Wireless ADSL/Cable/NBN/3G/4G Gigabit Router with USB and VoIP

RRP: $269.00
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Built-in Modem   Wireless N600
ADSL2/2+ Capability (for modems only)   Removable Antenna
10/100 WAN Port/s - 0      
Gigabit WAN Port/s - 1      
3G/4G Capable - USB      
USB LAN Port/s  
10/100 LAN Port/s - 0   UPnP Support
Gigabit LAN Port/s - 4   Internet Sharing

USB Print Server   QoS
Parallel Port Print Server   IPv6
Dialup/ISDN Failover   DynDNS Client
USB Storage   Warranty - 3
FXO Ports for VoIP - 1      
FXS Ports for VoIP - 2      
NAT Security  
  • Manufacturer's specifications

    SPI Firewall  
  • Manufacturer support
    Content Filtering (Parental control)  
  • Whirlpool Wiki
  • Whirlpool Forum Search
    IPSec VPN Endpoints - 0      
    PPtP VPN Endpoints - 0      
    Supports VPN passthrough (single session only)      

    Comments: Similar to the 7404VGPX but with dual band N600 wireless and a Broadcom ADSL modem chipset. A built-in USB port can be used for a USB hard drive, printer or a 3G/4G dongle*.

    * Click here for dongle compatibility list. (Sierra 312U , 320U, Netgear Aircard 782S, ZTE MF821, Huawei E3276 are supported).

    User Ratings

    User Rating Comments
    7/05/2015 9:22:25 PM
    Better than the previous comparable VOIP models. Definitely runs cooler, whereas previous models got quite hot, and had failed transistors. Config is definitely harder, so many options, but some cool stuff in there too. The firewall is much improved as well in regards to simplicity. Now everything goes out unless you block it, and nothing comes in unless you allow it. Billion packet filters always used to do my head in!
    12/05/2014 6:37:26 PM
    Great router, but extremely disappointed 4G 320U to Ethernet throughput caps out around 38 Mbps. Direct connecting the 320Uís to laptop USB I can consistently get around 68 Mbps.
    We specifically upgraded our 7404ís to 7800 VDPX & VDOX to get around the previous models restriction of 14.4 Mbps but for the investment have not gained much.
    31/01/2013 5:56:58 PM
    Another robust product from Billion. It has performed well in all areas except sharing VoIP with PSTN. This is not an issue with me as I am now connecting with NBN Fibre and am using Broadband internet & VoIP only, and maybe FetchTV later. Billionís support has been excellent with timely firmware updates with a focus on sorting out the VoIP/PSTN issues. Now being fitted out with a Broadcom chip, this unit is an excellent replacement for the 7404VNPX owner who is wanting a higher throughput speed than 25mbps on the NBN FTTH (my plan is a 50/20 mbps connection). My favourite feature is the Dual-band Wireless-N. Performance has been rock-steady and security have been excellent. No issues with the Huawei E1762 3G USB dongle that I had for standy when I was using this unit as an adsl modem. Initially the web interface for configuration of the unit was a little daunting, however a little help from the friendly User Guide and my ISP (for the VoIP service) had almost everything sorted from the word go. Had this unit not been available, I would have considered the FritzBox models as my replacement for the 7404VNPX. This unit has good performance and street prices indicate (to me) excellent value. Worthwhile considering.


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