Cisco & Linksys rebranding

As part of the takeover of Linksys by Cisco way back in 2003 there’s recently been some changes to the Linksys product range. These include a brand new website for the Linksys consumer class products (now under the banner “Linksys by Cisco”) while the Business class products have now moved over to the Cisco website under the Cisco name.

So we now have three distinct divisions:

1. Linksys by Cisco consumer products. Found at, or at my online shop at
or with pictures at

2. Cisco Small Business and Small Business Pro products. This group includes the old Linksys business class products which will still show the Linksys logo on the product and packaging for some time yet, and many may never change. These products can now be found at, or under the Cisco brand name at my online shop.
No images –
With images –

3. Cisco Classic products. These are the existing Cisco products found under the five categories of “Network Systems”, “Collaboration, Voice and Video”, “Security”, “Data Center” and “Mobility / Wireless” at

At this stage I only list most Linksys by Cisco, Cisco Small business and Small Business Pro products at and in the OzCableguy Router Reviews. I may be able to source some of the Cisco Classic products on request but without extensive knowledge of the 40 odd thousand products they have I will need a part No to have any hope of finding it. ;)

For pre & post sales contact details for Cisco and Linksys see

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  1. Saad Ali Khan says:

    Can any one explain me the diffrence of Cisco SMB product & Cisco Classes which one is better?Is there any document related information which i provided to my customer.Please help me